November 12-13th, 2015
Milan, Italy

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Business meets Design

Cutting-edge technologies and future trends that will shape the world



The whole banking industry is on the edge of disruption. Newcomers are launching improved digital experiences that leverage what has been built in the last 20 years by traditional banks and make it better, faster, more personal. Traditional institutions are moving away from the product-centric model to get back to the basics, to the customer

From mobile payments to improved customer experiences; from wereables to the internet-of-things; new and better digital applications and improved in-branch technologies. This is what you will find at FrontiersX, workshop and staget presentations with the most innovative CEOs from traditional banks and CEOs from the most disruptive start-ups in the global fintech arena.




Retail is a store. Retail is an object in your pocket. Retail is a magic wand ready to recognise and buy things for you. Retail is listening in your living room. Retail is a button on your fridge. Retail is your watch or bracelet, paying for you with a gesture and determining new habits. Retail is a space for your brand, a church for your priests, a theatre for you stories.

Digital Commerce changed dramatically people habits during the last ten years, pushing bricks ’n’ mortar strategies to deep re-thinking.

We will see how digital and physical are not conceivable as isolated aspects of the business. and how the user experience design might be leveraged to evolve both B2C and B2B spaces.




Healthcare is being transformed and to a good extent will be disrupted by digital technologies.

The wisdom of the crowd and the ability to collect, store and visualize an increasing number of data created new patterns for decision-making and delivery of care itself.

IoT driven integrations of on-line/off-line will be creating a new connected e-health environment where data & content will change the health experience into something way more efficient and effective than today.

This and much more will soon align healthcare with the fundamental need to treat each person individually given the uniqueness of each combination of individual people and their on health and conditions.

We will explore all of this, through a mix of best practices and breakthrough innovations.



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