Frontiers Healthcare

Berlin, November 2016

Alberto Mattiello

Head - JWT X - #Retail

Alberto is a technology and innovation expert with over 15 years of Marketing and Digital Innovation Consulting experience. He lives in Miami Florida.
In September 2013, Alberto became a head of JWT X – the international, innovation-accelerator hub of J. Walter Thompson that focuses on helping companies ideate and use emerging technology and future-oriented platforms to solve today’s problems.
known as a thought leader for his experience in emerging technologies and media, today Alberto focuses on helping companies find a “sweet spot” between marketing, technological innovation and the creation of immersive brand experiences.
Alberto also conducts co-creation workshops, is a speaker with many business groups, and mentors at corporations and universities like the Bocconi University in Milan, where he teaches Customer Engagement Innovation since 2008.
Previously, he co-founded the creative, Italian agency LabNext, which Wired magazine dubbed, ”The Italian Think Tank”.

Future of Retail Master Class Workshop

Brick-and-mortar spaces are increasingly becoming less about the distribution of products and more about the distribution of experiences. In-store storytelling is a key to creating emotional and memorable experiences.
How can we leverage new technologies like iBeacons to tell compelling stories and craft one-of-the kind experiences that drive sales and foot traffic?

In this half-day workshop we animate a Co-Creation Process with the goal to Design actionable Ideas for the agencies, brand directors and the FrontiersXRetail Participants, that are inspired by the Emerging Technologies and Forward-Thinking Marketing Insights.

Main Activities of the workshop include:
- Delivery of inspirational Contents and Trends that are shaping the future of retail experiences;
- Technology showcase (i.e. Beacons) to improve knowledge and awareness of this persuasive tool;
- Facilitation of co-creation activities and exercises to improve creativity and design solutions;
- Networking and collaboration..


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