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Berlin, November 2016

Alexis Brion

UX Consultant - Allianz Digital Accelerator - #fintech

Alexis Brion is a UX Consultant at the Allianz Digital Accelerator mentoring a variety

of projects related to the finance world. As a UX designer Alex gained in the last

years experience introducing design processes into companies and leading big

redesign projects, working with internal and external partners.

Alex created the Munich chapter of the Interaction Design Association and has

been leading it for the last 6 years. In addition to that, Alex teaches at the University

of Applied Sciences Munich, taking students through a practical course in which

they work on modern design processes.

The FinTech Startup Machine: Ideation and Improvement of a Product Concept Workshop
Banks, insurers, big telecommunication companies and others from the old economy feel they are under the threat of the young and dynamic. Fail-fast is a system at the core of the lean startup concept designed to make you learn and grow at unbelievable speed. But it is scary for many big corporations. Allianz SE, the world’s largest insurance company, has created an incubator to build new businesses and to iterate fast. How can you do that too? In this half-day hands-on workshop attendees will be presented to a design challenge to be solved through the design of a mobile app, including ideation, sketching and feedback approaches to evolve and improve the initial concept. Main content of this workshop: • Ideation techniques to a quick project kick-off • App definition • How to get early feedback from users • Improving the concept with diverse techniques • Low fidelity sketching and prototyping


  • Vodafone
  • IMS
  • DGI
  • Doing
  • Healthware
  • Intesa SanPaolo
  • FROG
  • Digitalic
  • Digitalic
  • Tiragraffi
  • PagineMediche
  • Ninja Marketing
  • Videum
  • Attitudo
  • Talent Garden
  • Better decision
  • IoE TV
  • IoT EXPO