Frontiers Healthcare

Berlin, November 2016

Carlo Brianza

Founder & CEO - La Comanda - #retail

Engineer. After 14 in Nokia as director of sales and marketing of Services and Multimedia Phones, he founded his IoT Company “La Comanda”. Creating great value by closing small gaps.
Click’N’Pizza is the very first solution.

One-Click devices: the life after the smartphone! Workshop

Introduction & warm-up (40 minutes)

The easiest and fastest interaction ever known is a "1-click" gesture.

Finally, after the smartphone era, technology allows people to access connected 1-click devices to get what

they want with the simplest interaction.

Today we can say: "Yes: there is life after the smartphone!"

In the worskshop we'll get a full overview and understanding of the 3 main implications related to a 1-click


1-Why? why should people adopt a 1-click device? what is the benefit? Why 1-click devices can be better

than a smartphone app.

2-How? How many different 1-click experiences (= design + interaction)?

3-Business model: value proposition and revenues

Also some actual real cases will be presented and discussed (La Comanda, Amazon, ...)

Hands-on (2.5 hours)

Working groups will have the opportunity to work on a real case.

A service / customer cluster target will be identified.

They will prepare value proposition and business model, together with a simple go-to-market plan.

A simple competition analisys will be welcome.

Each group will be equipped with a 3D modelling tool in order to prepare a mockup of the



  • Vodafone
  • IMS
  • DGI
  • Doing
  • Healthware
  • Intesa SanPaolo
  • FROG
  • Digitalic
  • Digitalic
  • Tiragraffi
  • PagineMediche
  • Ninja Marketing
  • Videum
  • Attitudo
  • Talent Garden
  • Better decision
  • IoE TV
  • IoT EXPO