Frontiers Healthcare

Berlin, November 2016

David Orban

Entrepreneur, CIIO - DotSub

David Orban,, is an entrepreneur, and is the Chief Innovation Officer of Dotsub,, the leading technology and services provider powering video viewing via captions and translations as subtitles in any language to increase access, engagement and global reach, based in New York City.

He is a member of the Faculty of, and Advisor to the Singularity University,, an interdisciplinary university whose mission is to assemble, educate and inspire leaders who strive to understand and facilitate the development of exponentially advancing technologies in order to address humanity’s grand challenges, and an Adjunct Professor at the LUISS Business School in Rome, Italy.

David is the Founder of Network Society Research,, a London based global non-profit, creating a vision and analytical tools to allow individuals, enterprises and the society at large to deal positively with the unstoppable change towards decentralized and distributed technologies disrupting the centralized and hierarchical functions of the Nation State.

He is also a Founder of Dotwords,, an international Language Service Provider based in Milan passionate about technology, and that supports businesses and organizations operating on competitive multilingual markets.

David cuts across the limits of deep specialization to contribute to the new renaissance. He explains, “My vision is at the crossroads of technology and society as defined by their co-evolution.” David Orban’s personal motto is, “What is the question I should be asking?” This concept is his vehicle to accelerating cycles of invention and innovation in order to build the new world ahead.

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