Frontiers Healthcare

Berlin, November 2016

Dirk Knemeyer

Founder & Chairman - Involution Studios - #design

Dirk is a social futurist leveraging the knowledge of modern science and power of emerging technologies to reimagine how the major systems of civilization should work. He is also a founder and the chairman of Involution Studios (link to:, a digital design studio. Involution works with the client C-suite to determine how to leverage technology to exploit or create new markets, then leads the design into and through final release. Established in Silicon Valley, the company is now headquartered in Boston and works exclusively with healthcare organizations.

Over the past decade Dirk has keynoted conferences in Europe and the United States. Among his more than 50 conference presentations, Dirk has spoken at TEDx events in 2014 and 2011, given a handful of talks at South by Southwest, and also spoken at Humanity+.

Redesign Love: A Modern Proposal for Happy Relationships Workshop
The social rules and expectations for what love is and how we conduct our relationships were created during a time of human ignorance and superstition. While they have simple logic in addressing social issues such as establishing paternity, creating an integrated unit to raise children, and reconciling the natural male urge for promiscuity with the natural female urge for monogamy, they emerged during a time when these issues were not understood. Over the last decade, science has learned more about human behaviour and physiology than during the rest of human history combined. Yet, as our technology has zoomed us into a technological world where the science fiction of yesterday is the reality of today, we haven’t changed the way our society views our relationships. Despite most marriages ending in divorce - people breaking commitments and promises that are the most sacred they are likely to ever make - and appaling rates of domestic violence within so-called committed relationships, we trudge forward in the same way. That is not acceptable. We know too much about ourselves now to clumsily continue. Redesign Love is a proposal to realize a better way.


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