Frontiers Healthcare

Berlin, November 2016

Eugenio Santoro

Researcher - Mario Negri Institute - #healthcare

Researcher at Mario Negri Institute, Italy, he leads the Laboratory of Medical Informatics that is

part of the Department of Epidemiology. His main current area of interest is the Internet, the

social media, and the apps for smartphone and tablet and their application in the medical field, in

clinical research, in diseases management and prevention and in medical education. He is author

or co-author of more than 200 scientific papers published in peer reviewed journals, and of more

than 80 scientific abstracts submitted to the main international meetings. He is also author of the

Italian books “Web 2.0 and social media in medicine ( ”, “Facebook, Twitter and Medicine” ( , and

“Internet and medicine” ( ). He

collaborated to the publication of the Italian National Bioethics Committee’s guidelines about

ethics, health, and the new information technologies.


Apps, Social Diseases and Social Media Workshop

Social media, online social networks and apps for smartphones and tablets are changing the way doctors,

patients and health institution communicate. They are used to keep health professionals updated on health

topics, to share among them clinical cases, histories and opinions, to improve their empowerment, and to

collect clinical data and life habits for clinical and research purposes.

The participatory, interactive nature of these tools allows to information to be generated and shared in a

viral fashion, and provide new mechanisms to foster engagement and partnership with consumers, to

change their behaviors and to fight against unhealthy lifestyles.

Due to their possible implications in public health social media, online social networks and health apps

could be incorporated in health promotion and healthcare programs and used for the

prevention/management of non-communicable (social) diseases.


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