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Berlin, November 2016

Filippo De Vita

Head of Digital Services, Corporate Marketing - Vodafone Italy

Born as a transportation engineer, Filippo broke his piggy bank to buy a 14.4 Kbps modem when he first saw the telnet-powered internet in action at a friend`s place in 1993, envisioning what could have been done and felt challenged to play his role in the digital revolution.
He started to design and code websites before the word web was invented and carried on prototyping in any newly available technology, in order to land visions of the future and continuously re-iterate.
Member of the .com craze he sub-sequentially stepped up to senior and strategic roles in Italy and Norway before joing Vodafone where he today contributes to the bottom-up digital transformation process while managing the Digital Services offer for the Enterprise market through a diverse team rich in marketing, business and agile product/software development cross-functional skills.

Digitalize Italy Talk

Agility and innovation may be synonyms in today’s industrial scene, but which could be the KPIs to monitor them and what are the hands-on challenges organizations need to face in order to truly deliver new value?
A first person perspective of the why/what/how digital transformation has hit and delivered in different size companies, ranging from a Norwegian startup to the world’s second largest telco group, though the adoption of the Open API paradigm and agile product development methodologies.


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