Frontiers Healthcare

Berlin, November 2016

Michael Smolens

Founder, Chairman, CEO - Dotsub

Dotsub is Michael’s ninth start-up – the first eight being outside the US in high-risk emerging

economies employing thousands of people primarily producing textiles & apparel. These were

in Haiti, Mexico, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Jordan, Russia and

Azerbaijan. From 30 years of international experience, he developed a practical knowledge

understanding of differences in the world’s cultures and language roadblocks, leading to deep

and profound cross-cultural understanding.

Dotsub was conceived in 2004 after watching Fahrenheit 9/11, and became the world’s first

browser-based technology to enable video, created in any language, to quickly & easily become

available in any other language, using either machine, human or professional translation, and

then viewable on all existing and future video enabled devices and platforms, including mobile.

Dotsub has been awarded patents on its process in 2014.

As video becomes the dominant way to communicate and tell stories, all brands and media

companies are looking to engage with all 7.2B people in the world most effectively. Enabling

video to be available in one’s native language becomes a powerful way to educate, train,

inspire, entertain, market to, and connect with everyone. The cost of doing this is a few cents

relative to the cost of creating the videos.

Dotsub works with major brands like Adobe, Microsoft, IBM, CME, JP Morgan, KKR, Dell, EMC,

Apple, YouTube, Healthware International etc., while providing free use of its technology to a

huge number of non-profits who need to tell their stories globally but do not have the budgets

to do so. It is proud to be a founding partner of Videum Health, the world’s first multilingual

video portal in the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry, with its Italian partner Esense.

The company is privately held, cash flow positive, and has existing major clients and partners

who want to use its services and platform to create potentially exponential global growth in

video usage. It is beginning the process of raising its first round of outside funding to be able

to facilitate this growth.

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